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Course Descriptions


Catholic Theological Union offers a wide variety of courses in any given term. The course descriptions are separated into their field of study. These descriptions capture all of the courses that are offered at CTU, but not all courses are offered during each and every term. To find which courses are offered during a given term, see the course offerings section by term.


How to read course codes:

The system of letters and numbers that identify courses indicate their characteristics. The letter(s) that precede the numbers usually indicate the field(s) of study. A course with multiple letters satisfies the requirements of each designated field. For example, BW satisfies the requirements for Biblical Studies or Word and Worship. An exception occurs in the letters for the Foundational Core components of the curriculum.



Fields of Study:

BBiblical StudiesMMinisterial Studies 
CIntercultural Studies and MinistryMPMinistry related to Pastoral Ministry
DDoctrinal StudiesMWMinistry related to Word and Worship
EEthical StudiesPPhilosophy Prerequisites
HHistorical Studies SSpirituality Studies
IInterdisciplinary/IntegrativeWWord and Worship Studies

Note: Biblical Study and Travel courses have an “i“ after the 4-digit number  

Foundational Course letters:

FP      Foundational/Pastoral Practice

FA      Foundational/Art of Theology

FR      Foundational/Religion in Context

FT      Foundational/Tradition

Prerequisite Courses

MA   Master Level Courses

Additional Educational Opportunities:

K       Public Lectures, Series, & Workshops


The four digit numbers of the course indicate the level of instruction of the course.

          2000  Non-credit prerequisite level course

          4000  Intermediate level courses

          5000  Seminar level courses

          6000  Doctor of Ministry seminars